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Plain Water


Even the best water treatment equipment needs regular maintenance to continue to keep it running at its peak performance. Just like changing the oil in your car, we can check out your system to make sure it is running properly by offering full service and repair on a variety of models.

Some common signs service or repair is needed:

  • You experience hard water signs like dry skin and hair​

  • Your water softener is going through more or less salt than usual

  • Salt water tank is overflowing

  • Water has foul odor to it

  • Stains show up on sinks, faucets and laundry

  • The water treatment equipment is making unusual noises

  • Unit running to drain when it is not supposed to

  • Your equipment is more than 10 years old


Contact us for more service and repair solutions.




What to expect during your visit:

  • We will ask you some questions at the beginning of your visit and use professional testing kits to help evaluate the quality of your water.

  • If you already have a water treatment system in place, we will review all existing equipment.

  • We will assess the basement and garage to find the best location for the unit to be installed.

  • A raw water sample will be taken from an outside water spigot and tap water samples will be taken from water inside the home.

  • Various tests will be performed on both water samples. As our experts perform each test, they will explain the results and provide you a quote for how to perfect your water!



Get salt delivered straight to your doorstep! Life gets busy and we know storing salt can be the last thing on your mind. That's why we offer salt delivery service to your home so you have it on hand to keep your Evolve Series system running at its peak performance.  

  • Choose from a variety of water softener salts we offer.

  • Our flexible delivery options fit your busy schedule.

  • We offer both water softener salts and ice removal salts. 

  • We will make sure the bags go exactly where you’d like them — we do all of the heavy lifting.

Contact us to learn more.

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